M. G. Leonard is available for SCHOOL VISITS

(Suitable for Years 3 - 8, ages 7 - 12)

M. G. Leonard offers a slide show based event, lasting one hour (including Q&A), suitable for assemblies or large groups, introducing students to the stories of Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen and Battle of the Beetles, and the wonderful world of beetles.

She will be brightly dressed, full of energy, an infectious enthusiasm for beetles, and come laden with cool scientific facts and taxidermy beetles.

These events would usually include book signings, and the opportunity for pupils to purchase a copy of Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen and Battle of the Beetles and meet the author after the event.

(No Maximum group size. If you have a large hall and wish to invite other schools, please do.)

N.B. It may be possible for M. G. Leonard to bring live beetles to an event, but this will require an extra fee for the bug handler, and it will depend on the time of year and which beetles she has available to her. Please explicitly state if you will be wanting living beetles at your event.

You can combine the assembly with...

(Suitable for Years 5 - 11, ages 9 - 18)

M. G. Leonard offers a range of hour long creative writing workshops devised to enable participants to discover the power of storytelling, cultivate research skills, challenge their own views, develop empathy, consider the impact of a story on the reader, and encourage all students to express themselves with words.

Primary School Workshops

Participants choose a beetle to write a story about. M. G. Leonard inspires them to use their imaginations and gather ingredients for their story, animate their characters, make important decisions and provides a recipe to help them structure their story.

Secondary School Workshops

These workshops are active, using theatre games and a variety of methods to develop a story, with focused quiet periods of writing.

A series of workshops might include a session on story structure, developing character and a session on editing. 

A series of workshops would always be devised in consultation with the teacher.
(Maximum group class size)



Please contact Sam to enquire about school events with M. G. Leonard
+44 (0)7974 392 246



Please use the contact details above for information on current fees



You'll find a whole range of classroom activities based on the Beetle Boy trilogy here.



M. G. Leonard takes on the role of Patron of Reading for one school each academic year. Enquires are welcome for September 2019 - July 2020. Fees depend on the individual requirements of the school. For more information please contact sam@mgleonard.com

2017 - 2017 Patron of Reading for Hangleton Primary School
2017 - 2018 Patron of Reading for Cranleigh Prep School
2018 - 2019 Patron of Reading for Northcote Lodge

...as well as learning about creative writing, the children were treated to an imaginative science lesson.
— Just Imagine, school events, Essex
What a lively, inspiring and interesting presentation! Our pupils (Years 3 – 6) were completely engaged throughout; many of them bought ‘Beetle Boy’ and are thoroughly enjoying reading it. The morning was also very much enjoyed by the staff, who felt that we will be hearing a lot more about M. G. Leonard in years to come.
— Barbara House, Chafyn Grove School Salisbury
The events were amazing and the children were fascinated by the talk and especially the images of the beetles. Maya was a great speaker and I would have no hesitation in recommending both the book and the author to other schools.
— Margaret Pemberton, Bristol Libraries