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I often get asked what it is like to record an audiobook, so when I went into the studio to record Battle of the Beetles, I propped up my phone and videoed myself reading Chapter One - Beetle Plague.

A useful video for classrooms or indeed if you are wondering if you want to read the third book in the Beetle Boy trilogy. 

To get the full effect of the audiobook please close your eyes whilst watching!!! LOL! Or for the full experience head to iTunes, audiobook or any shop that sells audio CDs to get the whole book.

Enjoy! And please forgive the poor audio and lighting, my phone is only a little media machine. The audiobook recording is far better quality.

Featuring illustration by Karl James Mountford.

If you think reading an audiobook looks easy, below is a short 2 minute video of all my bloopers! Thank goodness for the producer, Carolyn.



I work hard to broadcast the message about the importance of insect conservation, but this is not the only area of our relationship with the natural world that concerns me. Anyone who saw the Blue Planet cannot help but feel the urgent need for change in our behaviours and habits, or we will destroy many species and habitats through laziness and ignorance.

I believe the state of the oceans is the biggest and most important environmental issue of our age and I am proud to be a part of the Authors4Oceans project founded by Lauren St John. It is a coming together of many authors and illustrators who feel as strongly as I do about this issue and we hope by uniting and leading a series of powerful initiatives we can effect change in people's behaviour and their use of plastic.

You can read more about the project in The Guardian.

Please do take the time to check out the website and follow our twitter, facebook or Instagram channels for more news.


Overjoyed to have been invited on the Standard Issue Podcast

 Me with Podcaster extraordinaire Mickey Noonan in the studio

Me with Podcaster extraordinaire Mickey Noonan in the studio

I had a great time meeting the Standard Issue ladies and talking to them about beetles and other invertebrates.

You can listen here on Acast or listen here on iTunes

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Standard Issue is the online magazine by women for women takes to the internet airwaves with its much-loved blend of opinion and humour.


WARNING: There is bad language.

World Book Day 2018


I wanted to make a blog post to celebrate the frankly incredible costumes you guys put together for this years World Book Day. I think you all look amazing. 

Some children dressed up even though school was cancelled due to snow (that’s you Max!) 

I was told one librarian dressed up as Lucretia Cutter and her assistant dressed up as a rhinoceros beetle, and Lucretia chased the beetle around every classroom in the school! 

To all you wonderful readers, Thankyou. Here’s a gallery of images of your wonderful costumes.

If you dressed up and want to be added to the gallery just send me a picture via Facebook, twitter or email.

M. G. Leonard on Lauren Laverne's Memory Tapes for BBC 6 Music

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This morning I had a lovely chat with Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 music about my Beetle Boy trilogy and how I came to write three books inspired by the insects when I was originally scared of them.

I put together a playlist of five tracks that encapsulated each of the three books, so fifteen tracks in all, and Lauren selected five to play on the show.

You can listen here and find out what the other tracks were. If you're a Humphrey and Pickering fan, then you won't be disappointed. I've got tracks in there for Novak, Lucretia, Darkus and of course the beetles.


Battle of the Beetles is PUBLISHED!


ON February 1st 2018 the final instalment of my beetle filled trilogy was published. I hope you all enjoy how this epic story ends. Perhaps it might inspire you to go out into your gardens and befriend some beetles.

If you want to help me get the beetle books into the hands of readers, then please do hop over to Amazon and give the books a review. This is the single nicest thing you can do for an author whose books you've enjoyed.

I must also give a shout out to all the wonderful children who've sent me selfies of themselves with their books. These pictures rock my beetle loving world. Thank-you!


I'm a judge for the BIG IDEA COMPETITION 2018

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If you have an idea for a story that could be a children's book, an animation or a movie, then you have a big idea! And, if you fancy submitting it to the big idea competition, then you could win £1000 and see it turned into any or all of those things. I am joining a very prestigious panel of judges who will be reviewing the ideas and choosing the winners. You can find out all about it here.

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