Beetlemania hits Blue Peter for National Insect Week

Me and Baxter the rhinoceros beetle on Blue Peter

On the 23rd of June I had the great honour of appearing on Blue Peter as part of National Insect Week. It was such a great experience, and a long held dream come true. I've never done a live TV programme before, so I was mega nervous. If you missed it, you can catch it on the iplayer for the next month.

I loved meeting Scott, who brought the beetles onto the show, and finally got to hold a living rhinoceros beetle, just like Baxter. He was beautiful, and the whole experience was wonderful.

Barney was great fun, Lindsey is awesome and Radzi was lovely.

I even got a Blue Peter badge. I hope I get to go on it again.

I did an online quiz for the Blue Peter fan site. So if you think you know about beetles, you should take the Blue Peter Beetle Quiz