The Highland Falcon Thief proof copies arrive!


You may have missed my announcement last year that I am co-writing writing a new series of children’s books, Adventures on Trains, with a friend and colleague of mine from the National Theatre called Sam Sedgman. The first book is called The Highland Falcon Thief and will be published in March 2020 with the second book following swiftly in September 2020. This week the advance reader copies arrived, and it’s a special moment for an author because it’s the first time your story feels like a real book. The picture above is of me and Sam celebrating getting our ARC copies in Kings Cross station, which is where the adventures begin. I’m bowled over by its beauty and shiny foil. Macmillan have done an amazing job.

The ARCs are for booksellers, book reviewers and other people in the trade. If you are one of these people then you should get in touch with Macmillan children’s books to request one.

Now begins the countdown to publication. I can’t wait for you all to read this book. The series and final book cover will be illustrated by the very talented Elisa Paganelli. The illustrations are a central feature of this book because our protagonist Harrison Beck is someone who draws, and it’s through the pictures in his sketchbook that he solves the case of The Highland Falcon Thief.