M. G. Leonard to Publish a Picture Book about Plastic in the Ocean with Walker Books in 2020


Did you know roughly 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold every year, and many of them still exist? Or that it will take over 450 years for a toothbrush to break down into micro-plastics, and even then, what happens to the micro-plastics?

Inspired by the many terrible stories of plastic in the ocean and my work with #Authors4Oceans I have begun scribbling about these things. I am very proud and excited to share the news that I will be publishing my first picture book early next year on this very subject.

I have written a picture book for young readers about the adventures of a cheerful yellow toothbrush called Sammy. It will be illustrated by Daniel Riley. It highlights the life and journey of single use plastics. I hope it will encourage conversations between children and their adults about how we use plastic in our homes.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Tale of a Toothbrush in 2020.

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