Watch M.G. & Her Beetles On Springwatch Unsprung

Yesterday a dream of mine came true. I got to sit on hay bales with Chris Packham and talk about beetles! How good is that? Me, my beetles and my books were all featured on Springwatch Unsprung (June 14th). If you want to see how our chat went you can watch it on the iPlayer.

My fellow guest on the programme was the lovely Stephanie Coles. She is an utterly wonderful human being.

Me and Stephanie Coles on Springwatch Unsprung

Me and Stephanie Coles on Springwatch Unsprung

As well as the main show, I also got to appear on Brett Westward's red button programme in the afternoon, when Hector, my rainbow stag beetle, decided to show off and fly about the studio. You can watch that programme here.

The whole experience was a dream come true, but my favourite bit was Chris Packham's enthusiastic endorsement of the beetle books. I've watched him on TV since I was a teenager and he's a wildlife hero. Here are his hands clutching my book and meeting my beetles.