The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol

You know that feeling when you slide your feet into fluffy slippers, curl up with a blanket over your knees, and your cat on your lap, drinking a mug of hot milk? I love that feeling, and that's the feeling that reading this book gave me. It's like meeting an old friend and a new one at the same time.

The world of The Apprentice Witch is familiar and pleasing. It reminds me of Diana Wynne Jones's stories (which I adore), but James Nicol conjures something unique and magical, all of his own. I defy anyone not to love Arianwyn and want to visit the Spellorium. There are thrills and adventures aplenty, but it's the trials that Arianwyn faces and the way she attempts to overcome them that keeps you turning the pages.

If you want a break from books that make you cry and tear your sanity to pieces, I would press this into your hands, and you will thank me. It's charming and delightful.

Find out more about The Apprentice Witch by watching the interview with the author James Nicol below, and if it looks like the kind of book you'll love then you can BUY IT HERE!