The City of Secret Rivers by Jacob Sager Weinstein

A hilarious fantasy adventure set in modern day London.

A truly imaginative caper, involving a giant pig and the sewer system of London. In The City of Secret Rivers Jacob Sager Weinstein puts his screenwriting experience to good use, every chapter ends with the reader thinking: 'I'll just read one more.'

This is an exciting subterranean London adventure, and the first instalment of a middle-grade trilogy.

Hyacinth Hayward has recently arrived from America and is having difficulty adjusting to her new surroundings, especially being in the sole company of her eccentric mother. Everything feels strange. Very strange. And it gets stranger the day she accidentally unleashes the power of a secret river running through London. To prevent a second Great Fire, Hyacinth needs to retrieve a single, magically charged drop of water from somewhere in the city sewer system. Along the way she encounters an eclectic cast of characters – the shambling, monstrous Saltpetre Men who kidnap her mother, the Toshers who battle for control of magical artefacts and a giant pig with whom she has a tea party. The clock is ticking – will she figure out who to trust?