Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy


Brightstorm is Vashti Hardy's middle-grade debut. It will be published by Scholastic in March 2018. It is the tale of the Brightstorm twins, Arthur and Maude, who find themselves orphaned and their family name smeared when their father doesn't return from his expedition to South Polaris.

This is a terrific adventure that takes place on sky-ships, and is resplendent with sapient creatures, thought wolves, and a vindictive villain.

The story has two protagonists and revolves around the relationship between the twins. They support and care for one another as they strive to clear their father's name, understand who they truly are, and build a new family amongst the explorer community.

Young readers who loved Cogheart by Peter Bunzle and aren't yet ready for Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials will enjoy this story.