The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford


This story. Oh man, this story. You have to read this story. The 1000 Year Old Boy is unlike any middle grade book I've read before. I don't know how Ross Welford produced this. As an author, I read a lot of books and I think up a lot of stories, but this one, well this is something I could never have written. It is my favourite of Ross Welford's books by far, and I loved Time Travelling with a Hamster.

I can't post my usual selfie with the book, as I was sent the manuscript and given 48 hours to read it, to quote for the cover, so I don't have a copy yet. To be honest, I'm a slow reader and I made my apologies in advance saying that I'd try, but I doubted I could read a whole book in that time.

Well, I was wrong. I read it faster than that.

This book is about a child who is older than any grown up, which means the book is equally as captivating for a child as a grown-up reader. I was enthralled by the story and constantly second guessing how Welford was going to resolve it and always getting it wrong. It's thrilling and fascinating and returns to one of Ross's favourite subjects, time. What would it be like to live forever? This book is historical and current, it's moving and exciting, it's thought-provoking yet funny. The children at the centre of the story are awesome characters, but none more so than the unusual Alfie Monk. I can't really tell you what this story is about without giving away some pretty important plot points and it spans a thousand years and countless cool locations! The research that must have gone into the telling of this story blows my mind.

Of course, you already know what I think of this book because it is written on the back cover. This is what I sent to Ross Welford's publisher: 'The 1000 Year Old Boy is a breathtakingly epic story that you won’t be able to put down. In Alfie, Ross Welford has created an unusual and fascinating boy who you are rooting for right from the first word. An original, surprising, moving and compelling read, I loved it.'

Seeing as I can't post a selfie of me with the book, I'm going to post this picture of me taking my hat off to Ross Welford, because this is an EPIC book. Do yourself a favour and have a read.


I take my hat off to you Mr Welford.